Saved from the crusher after sitting for 7+ years behind Uncle Bobs Popcorn.

The car was in bad shape when rescued

220648 miles on the odometer on the purchase date off 11/25

The engine compartment was one of the worst parts of the car after playing host to a pack rat.

Many long nights were spent working on the car before we could even attempt to start the car.

Challenges included a toxic gas tank full of red gasoline from years of sitting.

The fuel had damaged the booster pump and gas level sender in the tank.

Much time was spent on the cooling system of the car before this problem was discovered.

Time had not been kind to the engine either, The water passages in the head eroded due to the use of tap water instead of coolant.

The head was welded and decked and re-installed.

A new muffler was purchased and installed.

Test trips were taken with each discovering new faults in the car.

New Shocks were installed.